Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stiff Upper Lip by lwdcrazyman

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  1. This shouldn't even count as a cover, especially with the Teddy Bear on the bed and not even a voice over, but it is humorous, a little. Can't wait to see more, Jon! You Da Man. Man.

  2. Who in the Hell do you think you are taking one of my video's and posting it on your site without my Damn permission!!!

    Sincerely - LWDCRAZYMAN

  3. If this is truly you, crazy man, I'll happily take the video down provided you ask me to do so by leaving a comment by yourself on your YouTube video. Personally, I'd rather leave it up here though as it's mind-boggingly entertaining. You sir, are a helluva bedroom performer.

    With much sincerity, Jon Talisman